Ajax Help for Noob

I’m really trying to crack using Yii, but I admit I’m a bit lost. In my non-yii php version, I post an ajax request via jquery/post and then load the results into a div.

Assume, now, using Yii, that I want to do this with a database query, so that there is pagination of the returned file, but using ajax so that the page doesn’t reload each time.

Does anyone have a tutorial or could you point me in the right direction?

There is CHtml::ajaxLink() though, which is a link that will evoke ajax call upon on a click. Here tutorial how to use it:


But anyway, if you want ajax on pagination, CListView might be your solution. It is more higher level compare to writing ajax manually. Here is CListView tutorial:


Check the blog tutorial.There is a CListView example.It is a based on Ajax/ Jquery.You can also check Clist View.

I guess this is what you are looking for. :)

Thanks for the input. I’ll read and report!