Ajax Form Auto-Fill

I have read it here My link that AJAX validation is not supported on the file upload, but I want to implement very simple thing. In my form I am uploading a file and I want some of the field to be filled automatically with the name of the file and current time stamp and name of user, could any one suggest me how can I achieve that.

How can I achieve this: below are the field from my _form

Alert File: File to be upload

Title: autmatically filled with the file name

Type: User will input

File Name: should fill automatically

Created by: should be filled automatically the logged user name

create on: should be filled by current date

can you make it clear that

1 - Set them automatically before validation/saving

2 - Set them automatically before submitting form

in first case, you can do as



In case second, you can do using jquery

I am looking for second option

You then need to have a jquery based settings for this.


// define function to get the name of file and store it in some hidden filed for further processing


for others, you can use as

in controller before saving/validation function call



Thank you very much