Ajax call keeps repeating

Why does the ajax call of the this code keep on repeating (looping)

$("#member_add").bind( "autocompleteselect", function(event, ui) {


				url: "<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/member/updatememberinfobox/query/" + ui.item.value,

				cache: false,

				success: function(html) {





It just gets called over and over again and does not stop.

Any ideas why?


I have tried this and it does not keep repeating alert "Hi" …

$("#member_add").bind( "autocompleteselect", function(event, ui) {



So I do not think it is the outer loop.

Try commenting out: jQuery("#member-info-box-add").html(html);

It looks like you are rendering html which calls the autocompleteselect event again.

Ok I have tried it but it has made no difference, any other ideas?