Ajasbutton Config


In an otherwise great extension, I am having difficulty using a QuickDlg::ajaxButton to submit selected CGridView rows to a dialog. My button has the following code:




                'controllerRoute' => $this->createUrl('articleData/multipost'), 

                'actionParams' => array('id'=>"[b]js:$.fn.yiiGridView.getChecked('#articleGrid');return false;")[/b], 

                'dialogTitle' => 'Multiple Posts',

                'dialogWidth' => 800,

                'dialogHeight' => 600,

                'openButtonText' => 'Post Selected',

                'closeButtonText' => 'Close',




The js code is never actioned. Is there an ‘onclick’ event handler?.

Alternatively, how easy would it be to modify the QuickDlgs code to include a form submit button?

Any help much appricated.