AgroLib market

This is my first Yii site

Most of the eglish content is translated from Serbian by Java script which connects to Google translation.

Well, congratulations, it is a nice site. I wonder why a person who can actually build a site like this isn’t more active on the forum. :)

Cheers man

Thank you very much for nice words about site! I guess I am not active in the forum because Yii documentation is good, and that was the first thing I was looking at when I choose this framework.

But other users could use your help ;)

You are right! As I upgrade my yii skills I’ll try to be more active. This was my first code written in PHP (I had expirience with other C-like languages), so I was looking from the perspecive of someone who needs help :)

I too had come to PHP from C, C++ and C#… :D

First site in PHP?.. Amazing… the site is very nice…

NOTE: I edited your fist post and added the link… anyway you now have enough posts (>3) so that you too can post links