afterValidateAttribute error


this is my code

$form = $this->beginWidget(‘BootActiveForm’, array(

      'id' => 'register-form',


      'enableClientValidation' => true,

      'clientOptions' => array(

          'validateOnSubmit' => true,

          [b]'afterValidateAttribute' => 'function(form, attribute, data, hasError){ alert("test"); }'[/b]


      'focus' => array($model,'nickname')


with this I get js error "attribute.afterValidateAttribute is not a function" in jquery.yiiactiveform.js on line 105

am I doing something wrong or this is a bug?

EDIT: It works with "js:" prefix like this:

‘afterValidateAttribute’ => ‘js:function(form, attribute, data, hasError){ alert(“test”); }’

And there is a part in documentation that says:

“Note that because this option refers to a js function, you should prefix the value with ‘js:’ to prevent it from being encoded as a string. This option has been available since version 1.1.3.”