afterUpdate() ? it exist ?


is there an afterUpdate function implemented in yii ? i mean when i call $model->update(), is there an afterUpdate() that will be invoked lik afterSave() ?

Note : version is 1.1.5

Not really, so you might need to use CActiveRecord’s getIsNewRecord() method in your beforeSave() method and set a flag that can be called during afterSave(). You will have to use a flag parameter as isNewRecord will always be false in afterSave()

public function beforeSave()




    return parent::beforeSave();


public function afterSave()



        //this model was updated




Well… in fact you do not need this flag. isNewRecord flag is updated during save AFTER calling afterSave, so you can just check $this->isNewRecord in afterSave.

Look at CActiveRecord::insert() if you want to be sure:



sorry but i think i found it.

No need to afterUpdate() function because when calling $model->update() it already invoke the aftersave() function, i saw it in the code of the update function in the CActiveRecord

Ah, wasn’t sure about that. Thanks for pointing it out!