after validation Yii throw directly PHP error

When trying to submit new Active record instance and save it to database table (by clicking the create button in action CREATE on screen), I got direct PHP error message. You could see 2 images below (you could ignore the logic, I just focus on why this PHP error was being displayed):




I can’t explain why this direct PHP ERROR is thrown. Because, my understanding is, after I click create button, Yii will validate all this AR class property. If this validation failed, I simply get a Validation error (either Ajax client or server validation checking) not direct PHP error message as it has happend here.

Could someone tell me what wrong in this situation?

Thank you!

In the second picture the first line has a call CModel->validate(null)… so the problem s somewhere there in the validation…

you have problem in you validation rules double check it because if you look at the error mb_strlen expects a string array given which means you passing in an array in one of your validation rule