after composer, edit files in my vendor directories?

I have started to play with Yii2 and have pulled in the popular Yii2-user module into project using composer.

Now, if I was decided I wanted to change models, controllers and views with Yii2-user what would be the best approach? Do I go in and edit the files with my vendor folder?

Extend and Override!

Never edit anything in vendor unless you’re developing a package.

Yes that seems ideal, what I would like to do is have my own /src/app folder and then within have my own models, controllers directories beneath holding all my business logic…

I guess I need to tell Yii that there is a second models folder below /src/app ?


When you NEED to edit / extend stuff in vendor you COULD also:

  1. Fork it.

  2. Fix it.

  3. Use it.


  1. Send a pull request if the change could be applied in general.