After Acl Denial How Can $Layout In Sitecontroller Be Dynamically Changed Based On Which Controller User Has Visited?


I want to display the same navigation menu as the page the user has visited, when the visitor didn’t get the access granted. If the ACL denies the access of the page to the user, typically


takes over and


will get invoked. Now the variable


is hardcoded. How can I find out in which controller the visitor was before, so I can make a decision as to what the content of


should be?

you CAN’T create duplicate posts or I am gonna have to block you

I think you’re a little bit overreacting bro.

I didn’t get a good answer before, so I thought maybe I didn’t describe my problem detailed enough.

I did not overreact I was merely telling you not to create duplicate posts whenever a new post is created an email is fired to all the users that are subscribed the thread. usually it takes few hours until somebody answer you question but sometimes it takes a day or two. you have to realize that everybody is volunteer here nobody gets paid here to answer the questions.