Aeonmirror Needs The Yii Community!

[color="#000080"]Dear Yii Community:

My name is Stélios Filippidis; I have been working with the Yii Framework for multiple years now. Probably

like you, I watch safely behind my computer screen all the suffering the world is going through: war,

mindless consumption and all the abuses our leaders and elites inflict to the population. How we

collectively destroying the earth and the feeling of being totally powerless is crushing me. Over time, I

came to the realization that the current system will soon separate the world between sustainability and

the delusional drive for endless economic expansion. It is my belief that the future lies on a new system of

governance that is not dependable on leaders. Government 2.0

The subject of creating a new government-system not based on “Representative democracy” but on

electronic “Direct democracy” came to our discussions several times with my partners. I am now in the

process of building a team to create a framework for a global RBE-“Resource-based economy”.

A coworker and I laid down the blueprint of a system that will work in theory to revolutionize how people

approach their community and manage collectively their own reality. We came up with the name “Aeon

Mirror”: a mirror from our collective consciousness to materialize reality the way we see fit. Simply put,

it’s a web-base platform where everyone can vote, express their ideas and create a new world without

boundaries, government or currency.


If I caught your interest; please read my full proposal at

I invite anyone with some PHP, JS, AngularJS, MongoDB skils to join our team and make a REAL difference in the world. Bitcoin, Kickstarter, Facebook were crazy ideas just few years ago and is now changing the whole world paradigm.

This project was inspired by "The Venus Project" and ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD [FULL MOVIE]. For more information, please watch this video

If you are interested or have questions, please email me at and I will get back to you ASAP :)