Advise Me Image Upload Extension


Before I start do it by myself, I want to ask, maybe this extension already exists.

I want to attach for each my post unlimited number of images. Images has to upload by ajax and show on page.

And when user edit post, he see all attached images and can delete them.

I tried eajaxupload - but I did not make it work properly.

Appreciate for any help.

You can try the latest version of multimodelform.

It’s not ajax upload, but you can add unlimitted number of images with title, description … if you want.

Take a look at the latest demo.

Carefully check http://www.yiiframew…imagearbehavior extension. I’ve used it it many of my use cases. Actually, I’ve modified it and simplified it but its the same idea. If it fits your needs (or if your needs are flexible enough to be handled by this extension) I highly recommend it as it can save you lots of coding. You just declare the model to use this behavior and you need very little code otherwise.

You will need to modify it, I think.

Thanks, its good extension. Do you know how to upload more than one file?

Sorry - I haven’t done this as I wasn’t required to. Read its documentation and the source. Its usually the answer to such questions.