Advice on the Yii way to handle hidden divs

I have a registration form. Based on the which registration type is selected, the form content will be different.

In a non-framework environment, I would handle this by having a "onclick()" for each radio button of registration type, and the onclick would call a js function to display the div containing the appropriate form and hide the others. 

Is there a more elegant way of handling this in Yii? (I'm still spleunking in the api)

This can be done using jquery easily.


    $('input:radio').click(function() {



Ah, ok that takes care of the onclick functionality.  Thanks.  I was also wondering if there's a more elegant way via Yii's api to handle the need for a form that changes without reloading the page than the standard hidden div javascript.

check the activetabview extension… I make this for a similar scenario as you are now…


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