Advice On Choosing Yii Framework Vs Drupal Or Similar


I have a decision to make I hope you can help me with.

I am contemplating either drupal 7 or the Yii framework.

I will be building an application that can be described as a CMS, but that will be an application that

will grow and be added to alot over the next 4-5 years, the application will also be worked on by a lot of people.

The system will allow users to create their own individual cms that reads from a central document database.

So for example there might be 1000 users all with differently styled versions of the same cms, and all will read and have access to

various documents from a central database. There will also be a lot of custom functionality developed for the application along the way

so the framework/cms would need to be very flexible and in no way limiting.

My worry is with drupal that after time as more and more features are added to the application it will become very

complex to work with for a team of developers, and especially for new people to the project.

I am more tempted towards Yii where from what I have read the developer has more control and is in no way limited by the framework.

Any inut would be great here, I am a programmers with good php 5 skills.


I personally would choose Yii, because last time I checked Drupal was not OOP code (it was Drupal version 6, I think).

OOP code is very important issue for me, because I want to write code once and use it multiple times.

Also, Drupal’s file and directory structure is a mess compared to Yii’s file and directory structure.

Drupal’s code base is also very large, which makes the probability of stumbling upon security holes quite high.