Advice for controller hierarchy

Hello everyone,

I’m asking for advice on how to implement an application where I have 3 different controllers (Pancreas, Breast, Brain) who inherit from DefaultController.

I would always this url default/action and according to a parameter stored in session (eg pancreas, breast or brain) delegate from DefaultController to the right controller.

is it possible?

I would do it with widgets and model.

In practice, various controllers have many features in common and differ only by a few parameters, also views and model.


I think that for you is more confortable to create a single controller, wich receives as parameter the organ and render the views.

According to parameters, in the views you can display different behavior.

If you want to use 3 controllers, just creates 3 controllers and different view for each controller. In this views you can call some widget for display part of the views and share the common code with widgets.

Are 2 opposite approach for achive the same result