Advice for a error 401 with login form

Hi, and thanks for Yii ;).

I need some advice to start a new system with 401 error.

I work on a very old system moved to Yii some year ago, then lot of code to be updated.

Actually we have 2 restriction:

  • User access : some part of user access is limited by url parameters (post or get, never mind) : this part used a HTML hard produced with ‘You don’t have access’ (managed by 9 controllers actually)

  • Admin part access : this part must be allowed only to admin connected user (with specific rigths) (managed by 2 controllers actually (and a lot of subcontroller))

Then, we have for example:


[*]‘user/?id=123’ : you don’t have access to this part : 401 without form BUT some part of views can be change uppon id

[*]‘admin/?id=123&action=dothis’ : 2 solution


[*]Loggued but no access: 401 without form

[*]Not loggued: 401 with a form



Actually, i think moving to

throw new CHttpException(401,"401 Unauthorized");

Really more clean, but then i need different system:

  • User part : 401 with some parameters in view

  • Admin part : 401 with some parameters in view and an optionnal login form

I see how to put a optional login form , but i don’t have an idea to

  • send the information of the original controller

  • Use specific parameters in User view ( different id can change : the language, the css etc …)

Maybe someone have a betterv idea than me :)