Advenced gallery system

I have been developing my portal since 2 years in my free time. The URL is and it is a Hungarian gallery site to night clubs, (maybe latter festivals and concerts). It is an advanced and special gallery sytstem mainly to people who like going clubs. 1388


The site work my own MVC system and pear::db2 and old. I develop the MVC some times, but not use it, because the

Yii is more powerful to this task. I used before Zend and Symfony, but I thing the yii much more prefer to this system for me.

My system in nutshell (features)

-User managements

—registration form

—affirmative leter to registration form + click by the user

—moderator approve or decline the registration


-----CAPTCHA defence in login process

—New password request


—Collecting credits


-----Programs CRUD

-----Galleries CRUD

-----Image batch uploading with FTP

-----Image batch uploading with FTP uploadify

-----gallery moderation

-----Flyers CRUD

-----Inside statistic (about images, and user activity)

-Special users rights

—DJ can handle own profile

—For the night club statistic and batch download (with watermark)

—Statistic and moderation function to Photographers.

—Send in news

—Send in flyer

—Send in program/festival/concert

—EMail module


-----template system with html and plain letters

—Society functions

---- I’ll go it, I went it

---- my favourites / I am on it

---- vote to photo

---- Like It/Advice it


—Newsletter task

—Photo conversion and watermark task

—Batch SQL script

I emphasize it is a hobby project, but in time maybe earn some money. I need developer how are open and developed before medium traffic site. (15-50.000 visitors a month and 1-2 millions photo downloads)

Important! You have strong OOP and MVC knowledge, because I have no time to teach fundamentals to you.

If you like studying Yii and refactoring a productive system you are my person.

The site is a real and productive (now is non-profit) system, so it is a possibility to create value Yii project.

Some photos from the portal:









The members and visitors like this system.

So if you like my post, you have a little time day after day, please drop me a letter and join to…