Advanced Yii Examples incl Source Code?

Are there any well written, advanced, Yii powered applications that come with source code?

I’m familiar with the Yii powered application forum but from what I’ve seen those don’t include the source code (except for zurmo, which is vast). I’m at the point where I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Yii, having started from 0 php knowledge. I have a first working beta of my application but I would like to learn from advanced users of Yii. I assume that most people use it more elegantly and efficiently than I currently do.

If anybody has some project they are willing to share with me, I promise to keep the code to myself, if requested.


Why don’t you search for extensions, there are many useful/good extensions written by good programmers.

can’t say about live big project, but you can Try This .

i think the author remove the downloadable zip file but its on github.

here is Forum Posting Page for reference.

I didn’t think to look at extensions which I guess are often quality code. The example project is even more useful so thanks to both of you!