advanced tutorial, may be official yii cms

I learn better from tutorials and examples than reading guides, and I m sure I m not alone.

I have read the blog tutorial and the Definite Guide and since they both looks like for beginners, I feel like stucked, because I can not find some advanced level tutorials or projects made with yii.

For example I ve read the info about clip from the guide but since I havent seen an example, still I have no idea how and when to use clip tags.

I wish there s much more advanced tutorial than blog, may be a cms.

As i know there s only 2 cms/frameworks: SilverStripe/Sapphire and ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter

that would be great if yii will be the third.

CakePHP has Croogo and Wildflower.

Also, there is one (work in progress) Yii-based CMS currently called dotplant.

Yes but I mean offical cms project which coded with the participation of framework developers and promotes on the frontpage of framework site.

i feel they should add more examples to the Yii class reference before creating more advanced examples.

Hey - adding to SilverStripe/Sapphire and ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter you may want to check out FlexicaCms. We developed it with our best practices on Yii so might worth for some samples of using Yii advanced features like Behavior, Authorization, RBAC, etc.

yeeaaahh… and your site still saying this:

"Oups! Our site is offline for maintenance."


Even now, 09/29/2011 :)

I like Yii framework. But my life would be easier if there is some good CMS built on the framework.



I just came from Drupal. My life is actually easier without a CMS :slight_smile:

Yii apps are optimized for specific functions. Creating a CMS means that you’ll need to please everyone’s wishes and desires, be backward compatible, maintain upgrade paths, keep chunks of your code the same because other developers are using it for their CMS contrib modules… therefore being doomed to a bloated system. One day. Not v1, but maybe v7 :wink:

But how do you define a CMS? I mean, what’s the minimum that will be good enough to be considered a CMS? In my eyes the blog tutorial is a CMS, very basic, but very efficient. It even comes with the yii download if you don’t want to type all that weird code :slight_smile: actually any CRUD controllers you have in your system could be CMS’es :)

Your mileage may wary, but I find it incredibly easy to code up a Content Management System using Yii.

Database, CRUD, editor widget - that’s it.

I would not agree on that… a controller can be just a small part of an CMS but no way it can be a CMS… even the simplest one…

check the definition of CMS -

Exactly. :)

CMS is an overused term.

First: define "system" - could be a small system and a large system.

Most of the time though I find it much easier to just code it myself.

I’ve wrestled with WordPress, Joomla!, Tiki, TYPO, Croogo, … and always ended up doing too much work to make it behave like I needed it to. Way too much work.

One thing that is hard, though, is achieving a friendly and intuitive user interface on your own.

I guess that’s what the CMSs are there for.

A good set of widgets goes a long way though. :)

mdomba, I said “could”, but you’re right it can be part of a larger CMS application, and technically, the Controller in itself cannot be a CMS, that’s why I mentioned a CRUD one, assuming you would have a model and some views to interface with the controller.

So, according to Wikipedia, would you consider the blog tutorial being a CMS?

Flexicacms is pretty nice too ive been using it

for good tutorial you can look at chive

In a month not much has changed… on Oct-30-2011, it still looks same! Given the strong recommendations around it, this is so unusual (& frustrating).

And how about the Yii Playground: or