Advanced Application Backend Template

Any plans to provide a default backend (bootstrap) template which gives access to installed modules, settings, app information and so on.

An additional feature would be, if installed extensions (modules) could register controller actions in a sidebar navigation for example.

Not open-source, but a good inspiration can be found at:

Yes, that would be great. Need to stabilize code first.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Here are some screenshots which illustrate the idea. The layout is very similar among different systems.

There also a bootstrap example which goes into this direction:

Yeah. Something like that.

Did some research in the past days. While there are tons of templates out there, I found only three (good) ones, which are open-source.…-Admin-Template Demo: Demo: Demo:

The first one from onokumus is really nice.

Vince’s one is really good as well. Thanks for your research and please remind us to take a look at these again when we’ll start implementing such functionality.

Did you find any license terms besides "free for both personal and commercial use" for the last one?

We can always ask Vince to clarify the licence if it’s not clear enough so should not be a big problem.…-Theme/issues/3


It’s MIT.

I’m updating it every once in a while and adding new pages. I’ll be adding a file manager, different kind of gallery views, updating the calendar and a few other things i saw in other commercial themes.