admin.php delete error 500

[color="#141823"][font="Helvetica, Arial,"]why i get "Error 500" when i delete a record using "admin.php". the record is deleted correctly, but the redirect does not work. why is that happen? the "view" and "edit" button works fine.[/font][/color]

[color="#141823"][font="Helvetica, Arial,"]i debug using chrome, this is the error message :[/font][/color]

this happen to all my model. any help would be appreciete. thanks. :)

[color="#141823"][font="Helvetica, Arial,"]FYI : i implement frontend & backend base on this article. is this could be the couse of the error?[/font][/color]

When I encountered error 500, usually it is caused by some error on the code. try to debug your delete line by line. Sometimes, it happened when I want to delete a model but the model is null, wrong typing or reference to the deleted model, for example, I have a user object, after deleting it, I want to flash a success message, "User $model->name has been deleted."

I am not familiar with chrome, usually I am using firefox+firebug. It gave me more information, and try to set the debug on for your yii setting.

use firebug, console tab . and tell your errors