Admin Authentication Issues

I followed this guide:

And created a successful front and back login. They use different tables, too. Everything works well!

Or so I thought. Now that I try to do anything with the admin, like use CRUD actions on the website, it says I don’t have the rights to do so. The only way to test things out is change “deny all” to “deny unauthenticated users” in access rules in the controlles. Then it all works well. I could even keep it like that but unfortunately it allows the regular user to access admin pages with some url modification…

The part that declares the user to become admin upon login is basically UserIdentity’s “if backside login” part’s



Is this not sufficient to make the user into an admin?

I’ve tried to read this article to find out more about the subject:

But I’m slightly confused about it all.

And so I humbly ask, what am I missing or what should I do differently for the admin to really become admin?

Thank you tons in advance!