Adjust The Messages Loading

Hey there.

So, I am working a little project with Yii, nodeJS and appJS. I managed to load Yii within the displayed browser window, made some adjustments for the GET variable to be correctly fileld and so on.

Now I have a little issue… I made the app with the usual MacOS structure, and ended up having a Resources folder, which now contains the usual "protected" folder stuff. Within is the usual messages folder. BUT. Due to appJS needing the en.lproj at the TOP of the Resources folder, I wanted to change the way message files are loaded to take advantage of that.

So instead of messages being loaded from Resources/messages/LOCALE/CATEGORY.php, I’d like to have it loading from Resources/LOCALE.lproj/CATEGORY.php

What and how do I have to do this? Any component I have to write, and what class to extend from?

Regards, Ingwie