Adjust Cgridview Table Size

I’m having problem re-sizing the CGridview table. It always used up 100% width when I tried putting it into another table. I can’t find any related issue or solution with my problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am still new to this framework, please understand. Thanks.

What layout are you going for exactly?

either layout1 or layout2, same problem. If I’ll insert the cgridview into table row (<tr>) the header background will be white. All I wan’t is to resize the table only. Thanks.

you can change gridview size by using css




    width: 500px !important;

    height: 500px !important;



$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(







    'htmlOptions'=>array('class'=>'grid-view grid-size',)


Can you post a screenshot of what you have now, and your view + layout codes, as well as a mockup of what you’re trying to achieve?

I wanted to resize the gridview, the same size of the shaded table with button.

In my view code, I created a table as a container, then another table with border, and another table with button.

I didn’t create another table for the gridview because the headers messes up.

I just used the default layout1 code.

I tried it, but it messes up the whole gridview. it overrides the whole css used by gridview.

If you don’t delete gridview default class (grid-view) it will work correctly

‘htmlOptions’=>array(‘class’=>‘grid-view grid-size’,)

also you can put your gridview in a div and set that div’s size by css

It worked!

Sorry I forgot to include the grid-view in the class.

Thank you very much!

and also, even if I set the width in each column, it changes it’s width when no results found when filtering. any idea?