additional property of cache->flush()

Hi everybody!

I develope web application that must work with highest speed.

I use cache component, but I am short of function that clean not all cache, but only group simillar to a pattern.

I offer to add new function or modify existing flush();

For example


If pattern is not defined the function cleans all cache.

Else cleans only according to pattern cache, where pattern is regular exp​ression

if pattern='baseMenu_*' function will clean cache with id starting with 'baseMenu_'

If Yii team add such property in the next releases I will wait.

If not - to extend cache class :(

thanks for Yii!

Could you please submit a ticket for this? We will implement it in 1.1, though.

How can I submit a ticket for this?


Some caching mechanisms like APC or Zend Cache support tagging. What about implementing that instead of patterns?