Adding Textbox

Hi., i have joined 2 tables.,

tbl_one(id, name),


i am displaying id, name and born in grid view.

but for born column., i am not getting text box to search., my code is.,

model names are tbl_one and tbl_two.


        'name' => 'table_two.born',

        'value' => '$data->table_two->born',

        'filter'=>CHtml::listData(tbl_two::model()->findAll(), 'born', 'born'),

still not getting textbox to search.,

plz., help me

Hi Latha,

Try this wiki:

thanks…, its working now as i want…

hi…i am newbie …so i have some doubt…shall i ask…i already ask the everyone no one reply…

My question is …

i have two models how can i save data using one form view i saw more examples but i cant get any idea about that…so plz fellow the below link …i attached my model ,view file and attached table design so plz help me…

Just I answered it!

Thanks bro…Thanks… now i reply that post so plz see that and answer my question boss…plz reply boss …

Jii wat ur reply i did like that but i have some error …

public function actionCreate()


     $model=new TCategory;

     $description =new TCategoryDescription;


     //perform ajx validation












         $sql="select * from t_category order by pk_i_id desc  limit 1";



        foreach($row as $r)















primary key constraints error …how i get the last inserted record id of t_cateogy table primary key value and at the same time i inserted the value in t_cetegory_description table…how i do that plz help me …