Adding Style To The Text Made From Ckeditor

Hi there!

I’ve integrated CKEditor following this POST. There is a table named article and there is a field named content where I’ve added CKEditor to.



I suppose that we’ve added an image like the picture above inside content field. After creating the article I see in the database content, it says

<p><img alt="" src="/democms/uploads/images/07.05%20009.jpg" style="height:300px; width:400px" /></p> 

Now I wanna change that to something like this:

<p><a href="#" class="thumbnail"><img alt="" src="" alt="/democms/uploads/images/07.05%20009.jpg" style="height:5720px; width:800px" class="img-polaroid"></a></p>

so that the picture appears responsively corresponding to my own style.

How could I achieve this?


you can edit the article content from databse or from ckedior thts the only way.

You know the content is for someone who is not a developer. So anytime they add an image, somehow the code in database will be changing automatically. Could you explain more about the way you would achieve this?

Anyway thank you for guiding me.