Adding Html To Tbtabs Label

Hello, i’m using TbTabs from YiiBooster i need to add html to the tab label.

For example badges

<span class="badge badge-warning">4</span> .

I try to append the html to the label, but it display the html as text.

Is it possible, using the widget, or do you know other solution ?



Did you figure this out as I want to do exactly the same thing. Everything I try is foiled :)



I figured this out:

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbTabs', array(

            'type' => 'tabs',

            [u][b]'encodeLabel' => false,[/b][/u]

            'tabs' => array(

                array('label' => $sLabelHTML

                    , 'content' => $this->renderPartial('_viewLocalPolicies', array ( 

                            'master_policy_id' => $master_policy_id , 

                            'client_id' => $client_id 


                        , true)

                    , 'active' => true



Property "TbTabs.encodeLabel" is not defined.