Adding fields to the table and methods to the model of Yii 2-User Extension

While looking for an extension that will simplify things, I find this - Dektrium project and would like to add what are important for me miss in the model and table.

First of all , I have my user table(model) in my database but after

passing throught your extension I found it coul really help me but the

problem I have is in my table a part from user id, name,email,profile

photo(for comment(thumbnail) and profile) and password field I have

also gender,telephone number(which the user can use to log in) and my

user model has other methods too. how can I handle that using your


Secondly, I want to put the log in view and sign up view at the same

time on the main layout(kind of using them as blocks), How can I do


Does it support Internationalization?how?

Thanks for the help