Adding CSS id to body for each view


I want to add a css id to the body tag for each separate view.

What is the best way to do this automatically?



One idea would be to create a new attribute in Controller.php… something like

public bodyID;

In your controller or view… you can set it as

$this->bodyID='the id you need';

and in the main template you just echo that value like

<body <?php echo $this->bodyID; ?>


This sounds like a good idea. I will try that out!



Ops just noted that the body tag is not closed and not complete…

should be

<body id="<?php echo $this->bodyID; ?>">

in the case that bodyID is not set it would render an empty id like <body id="">

if you don’t like this ( like me ;) ) than you can use something like this




   $_bodyID=' id="'.$bodyID.'"';


<body<?php echo $_bodyID; ?>>

Yep, doing it like mdomba suggested is the easiest way.