adding child records

hi all - i'm relatively new to yii framework, and php frameworks in general.  i'm very impressed with yii so far; it seems simple yet robust.  cheers to that!

i couldn't find a solution on the site, so forgive me if this is answered somewhere else, but…

i'm trying to find a way to add child records to a model.  let's say i have 2 classes, A and B, related in a way that A has many B (and the relations are setup this way in the respective controllers).

on the 'show' view for A, i want to be able to create a new B for this A.  do i need an action on A's controller?  if so, what would that look like?  what else would i need?  basically, what all steps are necessary here, and who are all the players involved?

i hope the question makes sense, but i can certainly provide more detail if necessary.  thanks in advance for any assistance.

sounds like you will be interested in this


thank you for the reply.  interesting, but not quite it.  when i'm on the page:


i'm looking for a slick way to do something like

CHtml::link(‘New B’,array(‘someActionName’))