Adding a new column to existing model/table

Hello I have a table that already had its model generated, and I didn’t want to regenerate the model for just one column addition. I added the column in the table, and then I added the column in the existing model’s rules, attribute labels, and search. However, when I try to create a new item in this table with ->save(), it says:

YiiBase::include(job.php) [<a href='yiibase.include'>yiibase.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Job is the column that I added in. I can’t find anything else in the model to add job to, so any help is appreciated, thanks.

you added the column like this

array('column1, column2','job','rule')

while it should be added like this

array('column1, column2, job','rule')

note that the right way has ‘job’ at the 1st index of the array