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Recently I’ve launched new projects showcase website which is going to be much easier to browse than the forum. Please add your projects there:

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Great idea!

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Added 10+ projects

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Thank you!

Wow, really cool idea, and love the look of it. Nice design Samdark.

I just added 5. I’ll add the rest tomorrow.

Couple things I noticed, just FYI.

  1. On the image upload page, I keep hitting NEXT instead of UPLOAD. I think that is a UX problem.

  2. On that same screen, when I choose an image, and it gets loaded onto the preview, it overlaps the text you have on the right side of the page.

Everything else works great.

  1. Yes. What would you do about it?

  2. Yes. Need to fix that…

Great Idea!

I want to post a beta version of my website
But is not ready yet to production and I want to have feedback from Yii Comunity

In which section of forum I have to post it having feedbacks ?
Indeed, when will be ready I will post it on

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Added 1 and soon another

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