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(Alexander Makarov) #1

Recently I’ve launched new projects showcase website which is going to be much easier to browse than the forum. Please add your projects there:


(Medina) #2

Great idea!

(Shivcharan Panjeta) #3

Added 10+ projects

(Alexander Makarov) #4

Thank you!

(Natesanden) #5

Wow, really cool idea, and love the look of it. Nice design Samdark.

I just added 5. I’ll add the rest tomorrow.

Couple things I noticed, just FYI.

  1. On the image upload page, I keep hitting NEXT instead of UPLOAD. I think that is a UX problem.

  2. On that same screen, when I choose an image, and it gets loaded onto the preview, it overlaps the text you have on the right side of the page.

Everything else works great.

(Alexander Makarov) #6
  1. Yes. What would you do about it?

  2. Yes. Need to fix that…

(Alexander Makarov) #7