Add Wordpress to Yii2 basic project

Hi all, my client want to install Wordpress cms into my Yii2 (basic) web application.

I know Yii has different own cms solution, or that i can build cms by myself, but my client want only Wordpress :(

So I have running in a LAMP server under /var/www/ directory.

I think a solution could be create a /web/blog directory and install wordpress on it (with his separate DB)

At the end redirect only my actual homepage to using appropriate .htaccess configuration.

I never do this solution, do you think could be a good way or there’s another approach? I search on internet but i didn’t find nothing for my situation. Often i find how to installa Yii into an existing Wordpress site.

Thank’s for any suggestion

Hi Federico,

if /blog will be a real reachable path from browser in which you will install wordpress, you will not have problem with your solution,

because wordpress will have his onw .htaccess inside /blog folder and yii2 in root folder.