Add translation placeholders for demo and gii generated stuff


As I started using Yii for new projects, I caught myself doing the same basic setup over and over again for all applications. While most of the stuff is specific to the way I work, I believe the following applies to almost all Yii users, so please consider it…

It would be nice if the default application generated by yiic (ContactForm, LoginForm) and also all the crud/models/etc. created by gii would have translations enabled by default. By this I mean adding Yii::t() to appropriate places.



Not all users write multilanguage applications…

for code generated by Gii you can use a custom generator or just customize the code template - http://www.yiiframew…-code-templates

I agree, but that is not the reason to not use it. Not all users use Postgres or Oracle database, but there is support. One could argue that more users write multilanguage apps than use Oracle ;)

I believe there are many users writing multilingual applications and this would benefit everyone. Not to mention that it would take less time to learn how to do translations for the newbies.