Add third party class / Adwords

Hi everybody,

I would like to use a third party class in projet in yii 1.1.19. (Cf url to download the library / api adwords)

URL of the library :

for example, In my controller, i have to use a function (cf call below). This function is in googleads-php-lib\vendor\google\auth\src

$oauth2 = new OAuth2([

			    'authorizationUri' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_authorizationUri,

			    'tokenCredentialUri' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_tokenCredentialUri,

			    'redirectUri' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_redirectURI, 

			    'clientId' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_client_id,

			    'clientSecret' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_client_secret_key,

			    'scope' => Yii::app()->params->Adwords_scope,


i tried to use alias but always i have many errors like that : Fatal error: Interface ‘Google\Auth\FetchAuthTokenInterface’ not found in etc…

I tried to include vendors like that : require_once googleads-php-lib/vendor/autoload.php

but nothing…

I don’t know how to use this library with yii 1

anyone can help me ?

many thanks



This link may help you