Add Some Word Beginning Of The Any Url

Hi everybody,

I wanna add some word (like ‘rahmat’) beginning of any url in my web site.

And get this word from anywhere.

For example:

there is something called ‘module’ in Yii.

basically it’s web-app inside your web-app. it’s the way of organizing/grouping your functionality in the scope of a module.

one of features I love about Yii.

then your URL would look like: {module-name}/{controller-name}/{action-name}

would that work for you?

Also you can do it by configuring routing rules (or even creating class-based rules that preprocess this word somehow).

See routing documentation for details.

thank you for your answer,

but I alredy have some modules,

and I dont want having module named with this word,

I want get this to variable or paramName.

is there any way to do ?

I have googling but couldn’t find right solution.

All I want is that<slug>/mymodule/mycontroller/myview



in that case <slug> = ‘someword1’ or <slug> = ‘someword2’

is there rule in URLManager like

'rules' => array(

    '/<slug:(someword1)>/requestedURL' => 'site/redirect/key/<slug>',