Add Rule To Client Validation In Yiiactiveform

I have a form where new fields can be added dynamically (user clicks +add button).

Is it possible from javascript to add a validation rules for these new fields?

I see that Yii generates this code where listed all rules:

    jQuery('#business-form').yiiActiveForm({"name": {"validate": function (attribute, value, messages) {

        yii.validation.required(value, messages, {"message": "Name cannot be blank."});

        yii.validation.string(value, messages, {"message": "Name must be a string.", "max": 255, "tooLong": "Name should contain at most 255 characters.", "skipOnEmpty": 1});



     , {"errorSummary": ".error-summary", "validateOnSubmit": true, "errorCssClass": "has-error", "successCssClass": "has-success", "validatingCssClass": "validating", "ajaxParam": "ajax", "ajaxDataType": "json", "beforeSubmit": business.getLocationsCoordinates});

But I didn’t find any methods in yiiActiveForm to add new rules, is it possible?

So it’s not possible. Right?