Add row/data on GridView


I’m new to Yii and using Yii 2.0

I find problem/difficulties when working with GridView.

I have master detail form and i want the detail using GridView, not just regular HTML table.

I have script like this


$searchModel = new common\models\Purcd();

$dataProvider = new ActiveDataProvider([

'query' => $searchModel::find(),



echo GridView::widget([

'tableOptions' => [



'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

'filterModel' => null,

'columns' => [

    ['attribute' => 'dno'],

    ['attribute' => 'item_id'],

    ['attribute' => 'itemname'],






With this, it’s display no result found, since i didn’t have data to load.

And this is javascript for adding the row with dummy data

$.fn.add_detail = function() {

	var idx = new Date().getTime();

	$('#purcd > tbody:last').append('<tr id=\"1\"><td>1</td><td>001</td><td>Duck</td></tr>');

	$('#purcd > tbody:last').append('<tr id=\"2\"><td>2</td><td>002</td><td>Chicken</td></tr>');


Based on these, i have 2 questions :

  1. How to remove "No results found." since i want to use gridview for data manipulation ?

  2. When i want to sort the itemname, i’d click on itemname GridView column and the dummy data was gone.

    I thought because the dummy data didn’t have any relation to GridView, the dummy data gone.

    How to connect my dummy data to GridView ??

Any help/hint really appreciated.