Add Option In Cbutton To Add Html Code Inside

Hi All. I was trying to insert this code inside a button, using the yii-bootstrap widget, but I couldn’t.

<i class="icon-envelope icon-white"></i>

The idea is to create a green button with the mail icon inside.

I’m using the yii-bootstrap widget BootGridView

I found an alternative using jquery to inject html, but I think it’s more cleaner to have the option directly inside the yii button code.

The piece of code that worked is

<?php $this->widget(‘bootstrap.widgets.BootGridView’, array(

'type'=&gt;'striped bordered condensed',







		'template' =&gt; '{answer}',


			'answer' =&gt; array(

				'label' =&gt; ' ' ,

				'options' =&gt; array('class' =&gt; 'btn btn-success papatel-icon-answer','title' =&gt; 'Answer') ,

				'url'=&gt;'Yii::app()-&gt;createUrl(&quot;nsMessages/answerMsgAjax&quot;, array(&quot;id&quot;=&gt;&#036;data-&gt;id))',

				'click' =&gt; 'function(evt){

					evt.preventDefault() ;

						answerMsg(&#036;(this).attr(&quot;href&quot;), &#036;(this).parent().parent().children(&quot;:nth-child(2)&quot;).text());

				}' ,

				'visible' =&gt; '&#33; is_object(&#036;data-&gt;responsesms)' ,




$(’.papatel-icon-answer’).html(’<i class=“icon-envelope icon-white”></i>’) ;


The option to add html code inside cbutton could be available soon?