Add new menu-label or data-element without page reload

Hi all Yii experts,

I want to extend a loaded page which shows menu-commands on the top-right and some data-elements within a CListView (similar to a standard generated viewer in admin.php) without reloading the full page.

The action leading to the new menu-command or the new data-element are caused by hardware changes, so not initiated by any user activity. Plug-in of a known USB-device extends the menu by some command allowing to handle the new USB-device. And some data coming via this device shall create new model-instances and extend the CListView by lines.

Currently the user have to refresh (press F5) the whole page within the browser. Also polling every some seconds which trigger a sudden refresh is not very nice.

Any idea on how to implement an automatic page extension (which is probably Ajajx based - bud I don’t know how) with Yii 1.x?

Thanks a lot


PS: Within a CGridView a delete action already modifies the loaded page by removing one data-line, without reloading the full page again. So somehow it seems to be possible to modify the page…

Nobody an idea…?