Add multiple ColumnCondition to one field

How to add multiple condition to one field?

I use this, but the latest value use the criteria.

if($value == 1 && !empty($value)) {

$value = 'one'; $value2 = 'two';


'hirdetesextra.'.$hirdetesextra => $value, 'hirdetesextra.'.$hirdetesextra=>$value2));


I would like to this:

column = one or column = two 


$criteria->addCondition( ‘column = :val1 or column = :val2’ );

$criteria->params[’:val1’] = ‘one’;

$criteria->params[’:val2’] = ‘two’;

Thx it works. :)

Im trying to do something similar in a named scope but I can’t seem to figure out the syntax:

$rel = relation1;


	'with' => $rel,

	'condition'=>'relation1.column_id=:column_id AND relation1.relation2.column2_id=:column2_id',

	'params'=>array(':column_id'=>$column_id, ':column2_id'=>$column2_id),


Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?