Add migrationPath to migration history


I stumbled upon a problem, while playing around with database migrations.

I tried to use database migration to install and manage application and module schemas.

Here’s my tbl_migrations, the comments show the usage of --migrationPath:

version	apply_time

m000000_000000_base	1301774157

m110403_200500_test	1301861116  # (default) application.migrations

m110402_195159_init	1301861252  # application.module.user.migrations

Now I’ve tried to migrate down the application.module.user.migrations with:

protected/yiic migrate down --migrationPath=application.modules.user.migrations

Yii Migration Tool v1.0 (based on Yii v1.1.8-dev)

Total 1 migration to be reverted:


Revert the above migration? [yes|no] y

*** reverting m110403_200500_test

But then got this PHP Error[2]: require_once(/path/to/app/protected/modules/user/migrations/m110403_200500_test.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Because the command looks for the latest migration.

But it would be very cool to filter the migrations by migrationPath, because then we could handle the migrations in one table, a workaround would be also using --migrationTable.

Would it be possible to add a third column to tbl_migrations?

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Thanks, I already did it lik that :lol: