add mail class

You have Zend_Mail phpmailer swiftmailer…

But all frameworks comes with some mailer…

Maybe integrate some mailer component?

you distribute Yii with htmlpurifier, maybe you can do the same with other mailer ? :rolleyes:

Or just create our own…

I think actually "all frameworks have it" is a good reason itself… because after all want it or not, there is a little competition between the frameworks…

Only newbies concerned about that, but after all thous “total freshers” are the future developers, so better hunt them when they young, and when they grow they will be loyal :D

a mailer class should as a helper, that is enough

say it to the beginners that will say: "Yii s*cks cause it not has even mailer class, I’ll better stick to code igniter etc. "

You can say “who need those noobies”, but those users are the future framework users… if they will use something else for a long time, less chance they switch to Yii :)

and after all this is about competition…

symphony for example comes with swiftmailer…

So you shouldn’t maybe write your own…

If you think it will take to much space… look in all those translations for trillion languages :D

CakePHP had that.

And then they removed it.

Because people would always use their own component.

If people always use their component - why they use frameworks? most of the people actually not want to reinvent the wheal

Because the framework makes it really easy to plug things into it.

It provides the [size=“4”]infrastructure[/size], that’s what a framework should do IMO.

I am looking forward to an even more stream-lined and flexible pluggable architecture in Yii 2.0.

I see way too many frameworks which makes the choices for me.

Most of the time it’s due to the frameworks not being pluggable - or should I say: not enough Lego[sup]TM[/sup] ?[sup]


If you know what I mean.

A well written framework should help me do whatever I want to do, not choose for me.

Take unit testing, for instance.

Yii should be pluggable enough to let me choose alternative unit testing frameworks besides PHPUnit.

And so on.

It should be ready for whatever I want it to work with. (Ideally) :)


No, I am not on a personal vendetta against you - even though it seems that way. ;D

I am just fighting for freedom - by means of a flexible and lean (mean) Yii framework.

Sometimes it is good if it exists, take for example Zend Framework, you not forced to anything

A framework should provide libraries for common tasks.

Overengineering brings slow code.

If you choose a framework, you’re already choosing a rail. If you want to do whatever you want, don’t use a framework.

I have a feeling that you are bearing a grudge against me. :)

Honestly, I don’t care about people, I care about what people say.

It’s bloody obvious that you don’t. <_<

[i]/* now, where’s the ‘foe’ list? */

[/i]Well, you can add email if you want - I don’t give a flying fart.[i]B)


You have CJuiSlider, buy you against mail class lol

It’s part of Zii components which doesn’t count since it’s not really Yii core.

The only reason why it’s in the repository is due to two reasons: it’s developed (and used) by the core team, and (I guess) it serves as an example of how to encapsulate third-party stuff by means of widgets.

I wouldn’t rebel if they decided to put an email class in the Zii directory… But I can’t see why they would. :P


IIRC, Zii was in a separate repository a while ago…


Then it was merged to the core ;)