Add Item Not Working

hi joblo, i’m using multimodelform for my head and detail program.

when i click in add item nothing happend, this is the source program.

$memberFormConfig = array(




        'items'=>CHtml::listData(Articulos::model()->findAll(), 'id','articulos_des'),

                    'prompt'=>'--please select--',      




        'items'=>CHtml::listData(Bodegas::model()->findAll(), 'id','bodegas_nombre'),

                    'prompt'=>'--please select--', 




        'items'=>CHtml::listData(TipoUnd::model()->findAll(), 'id','tipound_nombre'),

                    'prompt'=>'--please select--',      







//render the member models


    'id' => 'id_mov_doc', //the unique widget id

    'formConfig' => $memberFormConfig, //the form configuration array

    'model' => $member, //instance of the form model

    //if submitted not empty from the controller,

    //the form will be rendered with validation errors

    //'validatedItems' => $validatedMembers,

	'tableView' => true,

    'validatedItems' => $validatedMembers,

    //array of member instances loaded from db

    'data' => $member->findAll('cabdoc_id=:cabdocId', array(':cabdocId'=>$model->id)),


but when i click at the link add item nothing happend.

in my link have this url http localhost/inv/documentos/create.html#