Add css class to body tag


I am integrating a third party html template in my yii application.

(that I am a completely begginer witht this framework… :)

I need to add a clas attribute to the body tag and I don´t see how to pass that argument as the funcion beginBody() does not accept arguments.

Thanks in advance,


I didn’t got your question fully, anyhow Go and check your Htmltemplate folder in CSS file you need to edit, and in index.html or main.php you need to change

Yii uses layouts. Look under views/layouts/main.php and you’ll see the HTML code that is used for each view that uses the main layout.

I have the same question. I can add the tag manually in the layout, as Lukos suggest, but there’re not reference to bootstrap or other css styles there, so Yii is loading them in another way. Wich is that way? Can be used to load custom css too? I think this is what Diego asked! :)

EDIT: May be it has something to do with AssetBundles.