Add Css Class In Ti Button

Hi… Guys i need to add class in to Button ( to customize)

this is Normal HTML code

<input type="submit" class="input button primary red" value="Home">

I need add thiss class [class="input button primary red" } in to my Submit button

normally it work like this

<?php echo CHtml::submitButton((‘Home’),array(‘class’=>“input button primary red”)); ?>

But after add site URL in to button it dosent work (just Css class)

[color="#FF0000"]How Add it in to this Code[/color]

<?php echo CHtml::submitButton((‘Home’),array(‘submit’ => array(’/site/index’))); ?>

thank you…

You are intending to use the clientChange() method correct? That is why you are using the "submit" in the htmlOptions? If so, then to set the class all you need to do is like so:

echo CHtml::submitButton('Home', array('submit' => array('site/index'), 'class' => 'input button primary red'));