Add ajax refresh in grid view ?

Hi everybody,

I want that when deleting an item in the gridview (with the predefined {delete} burtton), after refreshing the grid view a DIV apprears as a success message, i’ve initialized the mesage with flash messages in controller but i ignore how to refresh the div that contain this div that will display the seccess message when testing if the flashmesage is set or not.

how can i addd this to the grid view?

I have not a solution for this issue, but I can suggest to check this part of the manual.

CGridView has a javascript function that will be fired after the update, maybe is a good start for a solution.

I’ll try with it thanx :)

but i think that i can include the id of the DIV that i want to refresh in the “ajax success request”, i mean that (yas you said) when refreshing the gridview i add an instruction that refresh the div and like that it refresh the DIV, but i don’t know where is the JS function that refresh the gridview, can you help me in this?