Add a string to URL onclick button

hi , just need to add a string to a URL on click button i have this till now doing nothing no error no nothing


            jQuery.param.querystring( '/properties', ['Search',2 ] );

            $.get("PropertyAdvsearch/AAdmin", function(data){$("#SearchToContent").html(data);}



my current URL /properties i want to add properties/search on click button Advsearch and do that actions and renderpartial etc…

any ideas?

You can create an url to an action giving parameters this way, for example:

var actionUrl = <?php Yii::app()->createUrl('controller/yourAction', array('name' => 'first','id' => $id)); ?>;

then in your action you can catch the paramters given:

public function actionIndexResults($target = null, $name = null, $id = null) {

    echo $name; // 'first';

    echo $id; // $id value passed

    echo $target; //NULL