Add A Row With Submit Button At The Bottom Of A Cgridview

Hi all,

I’m new to Yii. Recently i came across a problem. The following is the description.

I have a CGridView to display a prize list. The prize has two columns, category and name. And i added a third column in the CGridView holds a delete button to delete the existing record.

I wanna add a row at the last of CGridView for user to add a new prize record. The row holds a dropdownlist for user to select prize category, a edittext for user to enter the prize name and a submit button to add the new prize record.

I search the internet to find that rows in the same CGridView have only one structure, and not found the solution for my requirement.

I hope my poor English can describe the problem clearly.

Thank you

you need a form.

search for form inside CGridView .

You will get the easy way.